Legend in your own lunchtime

The meaning of the english idiom – Legend in your own lunchtime

Somebody who becomes a legend in their own lifetime acquires fame, but often only to a select or specialist audience, while they are still alive.

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  1. The first time I ever heard this was in the movie ‘the ruttles’ a take off of the beatles, referring to the ruttles manager: ‘Leggy Mountbatten who was a legend in his own lunchtime’. It made perfect sense, as at school we were always told ‘ if you want to do that, do it in your own lunch time’. However, years later when I was employed as a youth worker in Australia the word legend was being used inappropriatley for anyone who achieved just about anything, and I started to say yes he’s a legend in his own lunch time. during this time the teenagers who didn’t get it started saying ‘your a legend in your own lunch BOX?’ which makes no sense but has unfortunatly become commonly used by many in Australia and elsewhere

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