As the old cock crows the young cock learns

We’re tickled pink and glad to say our little girl was born this day

Our miracle has arrived! (name)

Name is almost due, but we don’t know if it’s pink or blue

Four tiny hands and four tiny feet, we have the sweetest twins for you to meet!

Please join us in welcoming into the world, our little baby boy/girl. (name)

Please join us for a baby shower honoring (name)

The stork’s ability has just been tested to see if he can carry twice the load. We now have Twins!

Bottles, booties, bibs and more, let’s shower the baby with gifts galore!

Find a pretty flower and dress it up with curls, fill it’s petals with a love for life, and you’ve got a little girl.

In the pink? Or in the blue? If (names) only knew!

Our hearts are filled with happiness. Our lives are filled with love. We have the baby girl/boy we have been dreaming of.

We are all TWO happy to announce the arrival of our twin boys/girls. (names)

Twice the joy, twice the love, (names) are twice the blessing from above.

We proudly announce the birth of our son/daughter (name)